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Basic PBL

Engagement made easy

This is a set of widgets such as Leaderboards, Live News Feeds, Virtual good, Quest lists, Avatar, Stats for Big screen displays, progress bar, etc.. that can quickly start motivating your Sales team, Call center Advisor, etc.

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Your brand front and center.

Gamification of a specific process of activity while integrating various sides of your company's brand identity, as well as the particulars of the team / department

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Fully Engaging Solution or Product.

Solutions designed to bring departments together in a tailored solution connecting multiple platforms to bring all the system together to work in a harmony while engaging the end user.

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No-nonsense approach that simply makes sense.

Game thinking improves performance, adoption rate, productivity and much more.

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Introducing the Funifier Platform

Improve engagement faster by using our platform, products and services

Increase people's engagement with your business

Setup your engagement strategy using the game techniques available at Funifier to motivate your customers and employees.

Connect with your audience on any channel

Use Funifier integrations to monitor behavior and provide feedback to your customers and employees wherever they are.

Monitor the results generated through engagement

Setup business goal, configure your KPIs in Funifier's analytics and monitor the results generated with your gamification.

Resources for Developers

For teams with developers that needs to leverage custom features and integrations, we provide an API and documentation.

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Whether you are looking for a SaaS approach, Hybrid or on premise, our affordable pricing tends to the demand of any company.


  • Applicaton, Web, Social
  • Simple Tiered pricing
  • Simple Integration
  • Full Plaform access & Support
  • 6 Months data retention
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  • Unlimited users
  • Start & End dates
  • Strategy included
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  • 2 Months data retention
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Look what our partners and clients says about us.

“As ING, we always innovate the ways on how to operate banking transactions for our employees across our branches and operation centers. Funifier provides us with extra flexible game designs, game techniques, and lots of customizable tools. The workshop was eye opening on the Funifier Solution and also the gamification concept. Thank you to all the Funifier team!“

Dogukan Guran

Software Consultant, ING Bank

“Flap Live Marketing serves large companies with millions of customers and hundreds of thousands of employees, and Funifier's gamification platform is the only solution that allows me to implement the complex gamifications we create, with the security and scalability that my customers demand.“

Bruno Barra

Founder & COO, Flap Live Marketing

“Working with Funifier has been a truly unique experience! It is an incredibly versatile gamification platform that becomes more powerful the more you ask of it. There seems to be no limits as to what you can design and it can do, and just in case you find one, they'll be sure to say 'challenge accepted'!“

Rui Cordeiro

Founder & CEO, Fractal Mind

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