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Caixa Economica Federal

Engagement of 83,000 employees to increase bank productivity and profitability.

Initially the bank's goal was to exceed the historical record of 8.6 billion and reach 9 billion, an increase of (5%). But gamification increased (48%) the bank's recurring net income compared to the historical record.

From R$ 8.6 billion to R $ 12.7 billion of recurring net income. Engaged 92.61% of employees, motivating 77,312 of 83,482 employees to actively participate in gamification. Prior to Funifier's gamification, the record for engagement had been 10% of employees.


Wiz Soluções

Team engagement of 1200 insurance sales agents interacting in SalesForce CRM.

Increased lead handling by 1013% from 31,671 leads handled in 2017 to 352,550 leads handled in 2018.

Increased sales by 155% from 25,103 sales to 64,109 sales. 80% increase in effectiveness of planning execution, what is planned is executed.

Sales Teams Engagement


Engaged all their salespeople across European operations

Month-over-month increases in employee engagement was achieved after TELE2 initially executed a pilot of our LXP (learning experience platform) solution to gamify learning and incentivize employee training.



Concentrix is the largest call center company in the world with over 120,000 employees. Used Funifier to engage its call center attendants to improve service quality and performance.

Tamo Junto Lotéricos

Caixa Economica Federal

Gamification to engage the 13,060 bank representatives

Caixa developed this gamification to engage the 13,060 bank representatives called Lotéricos.

The goal was to reach 5.2 billion reais of result.

Bahrain Elections

BIPD + Batelco + White Palm

Gamification for electoral process

The 'Bahrain Institute of Political Development' government agency responsible for the elections, in partnership with Batelco, White Palm, and Funifier, created a gamified app to engage candidates from all political parties and voters in the electoral process.
Mbr>With features like: candidate blog posts, videos, sticker albums and prizes

Adidas World Cup 2018


Web app for customers

Adidas used gamification to encourage visitors in Arabian region to buy more during the 2018 World Cup season.

Game techniques: Points, quest list, levelup, instant feedback, milestone unlock, virtual goods, exchangeable points, dangling, countdown timer, evolved ui, refreshing content

Worten Game Ring


Gamification to build a relationship with gamers.

Worten, is the largest chain of electronics stores in Portugal, is part of the Sonae group. Created gamification to build a relationship with gamers.

Gamification initially aimed to reach 15,000 players, and in just two weeks was able to reach over 40,000 players.

UCB Experience

Universidade Católica de Brasília

Welcoming and engagement of new university students.

Achieved in the first 2 days the adhesion rate of 30%, students who registered spontaneously. More than 2,000 students invited to join by other students from the app. 31% of students enrolled in the app invited other people.

The university gained nearly 2,000 new followers on its social networks, more than 24% of students enrolled in the app took the initiative to follow the university's social networks because of gamification. More than 40,000 actions were taken by students in 2 days.



Employee engagement in the learning tool (thinkific) adopted by the company. Integration made with iFlowww, Funifier product for integrations.

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