Funifier Studio

Funifier studio is a secure, flexible and easy to use Gamification platform. Gamify your business within hours directly from your device. Funifier Studio makes it easy for administrators to create, evaluate and go live with their own Gamification strategy.


Pre-built gamification components can be quickly added to applications, websites, and social networks. You can choose to include profiles, challenges, levels, badges, leaderboards, notifications, newsfeeds.


Win states completed, status achieved! Motivate you clients, employees or teams with various incentives keeping them engaged so to attain business objectives.


Setup your business metrics, analyze real-time player activity, understand their behaviors and tweak your Gamification strategy.


Emphasising on security, you can chose who and where can have access to which one of your Gamifications not only through Geolocalization but also through timezones, external apps, IP Address and much more.

Game Technics

Going beyond PBLs (Points, Badges and Leaderboards), Funifier studio allows you to leverage over 90 different games technics so as to provide the best suited Gamification Strategy for your business.


Build your own incentive program tailored to your players motivations or use our prebuild connector to a rewards card network and pick amongst 300+ differnet incentives to add to your Rewards Catalogue.


Connect the game with real-world actions which players interact everyday

Easy no Hassle Integrations

Global Presence

International Multilingual Team

Strategic Alliances